Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday was another day of quasi-milestones

Since Carter came off of the oxygen, Nichole could try feeding him for the first time. This was also the first time she could really hold him as well since his arrival. When she told me what she was going on, I quickly made my way to the hospital to be a witness to this beauty.

With this being their first time, things didn't really take, but they both gave a valiant effort. Afterward, we both got the chance to snuggle with him before he had to return to his bed.

Early this morning I got a text from Nichole (who is still at the hospital) that Carter has "graduated" from his old bed to an incubator and is now off of IV! Movin' on up, indeed!

I returned later in the day, but the NICU was temporarily "off-limits" for a few hours. The Nurses let me sneak in before they did this though and I got to see our little man snoozing away.


  1. Is Nichole still required to stay at the hospital or has she covered to the point that she's is allowed to go about on her own?

  2. Nice work Carter! So glad to hear you're sleeping in a big-boy bed now :) Don't get frustrated about the nursing, soon enough you'll be a champion feeder, I have lots of faith in you.

  3. The nurses say they want to keep Nichole so they can keep tabs on her BP, but I know it's cuz they just like having her around.