Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playground monitor

Nichole sent me these pictures that she took on her cell phone.

A Big Sister is never off-duty!


  1. Has big sister learned to speak softly or possible taken an oath of silence?

    Or is Carter just getting acustom to the big "WOOF"?

  2. She still let's out a good WOOF now and then. Fortunately, Carter acts like he could sleep through a train wreck, especially after he's just eaten.

    I gotta take a picture, but I can hold him (on his back) in the palms of my hands and his legs and arms just hang.

    He's a good sleeper!

  3. Colin had a nice big sister,too. Midge acted a lot like Athena, but she did have some shepard in her.

  4. I remember Curt picking Matthew up by the back of his pants when I was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be. I am thinking Athena will do the same.