Friday, May 15, 2009

Eat, Sleep, & Laugh

Nichole had lots of success feeding Carter yesterday...until I showed up.

He was finicky at times and then seemed to give up quickly at others. Nichole then asked if I could bottle feed him (she had been "stocking" the pantry). He got all set up and the little man chugged that bottle! I had tears in my eyes..."Just like his old man" I thought.

I think that reminded him of what he was there for becuase after I handed him back to Nichole he ate himself into a food coma. I swear he was actively feeding for almost 15 minutes. Maybe it wasn't that long, but he had a good run!

After the feeding we both got in some good snuggle time. Reluctantly, we had to give him up to the nurse as he is on a pretty rigid tanning regimen.

One of the good things about him moving to the incubator is that we can see him more clearly as we walk by the NICU. We would have to almost press our faces up to the window and look to the extreme left to catch a glimpse of his knee before.

I've included a video from the other day when he was still in his old bed. He's a cute little sleeper, aint he?

Okay, now here's a funny story that Nichole has kept asking me if I've blogged about yet, so please know going into this that she has given full approval :)

"Don't worry ma'am, your turn is right around the corner."
"So, when's the big day?"

These are a couple of the comments made to the past couple of days. I am usually with her when people say these things to her.

After the person passes we both let out a good laugh. Of course she couldn't laugh too hard due to her incision, which coincidently is the reaso these people made these comments in the first place.

For quite a few days after Carter was born, Nichole was slowly recovering from the surgery. The discomfort from the incision caused her to walk slowly and also was the source of some back pain. So, as she ever-so-slowly made her way down the hallway of the maternity wing to see Carter, she would also have her hands positioned near her lower back....somewhat similar to pregnant women who also frequent these halls.

So we both shared this innocent laugh as what else would you expect if you saw someone walking & holding themselves like that in a maternity wing?!

I assume it will become less funny if it happens again as the weeks roll on.


  1. Have I mentioned how excited I am to hear that the little guy has a big appetite? Way to go Carter and Nichole!
    These pictures are so adorable, it makes my heart melt every time I look at them (Which you can probably tell on your dashboard, is multiple times a day) :)

  2. Already starting to get a little shagy. I have the clippers ready when he's feeling up for a buzz cut.

  3. Congrats Nikki & Clay! Carter looks amazing! Thank you for sharing your pics- it brings back many memories-Sofia's goggles were purple (smile). Take good care with your recovery- Wishing you guys many happy adventures with the newest member of your fam! God Bless, Michele, Eric & Sofia