Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the maternity ward...

Nichole was finally released into my custody yesterday. She has to wear one of those ankle bracelets and can't leave the city limits...just kidding.

She was discharged yesterday. She did kind of act like a parolee though. She was amazed with the green of the trees, the orange of the construction signs, the taste of her favorite sub.

We returned to the hospital last night to bathe, feed & change Carter. As I mentioned yesterday, Nichole is still feeling sore & therefore walks a little slow. We made our way onto the elevator at the same time as a few other people. The man closest to the control panel asked (us) what floor and, as he glanced over at us, answered his own question:

"Oh, floor 2?", he said with a slightly tilted head and a sympathetic smille. Floor 2 is the maternity ward.

As the elevator stopped and emptied onto 2, it was all Nichole could do from breaking out into gut-wrenching laughter (which in her case is quite literal).

Anyway, we had a great time with Carter. He's not real excited about getting a bath, but he seems to love being swaddled right after.

We left the hospital with a little somethin-something for his big sister. We had her smelling one of his blankets that he briefly used, but we thought this would really entice her olfactory senses!

As luck would have it, we ran into "the elevator guy" on the way out of the hospital. He gave us a look that we swear said, "False alarm, huh?".

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