Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Carter made it through his first Thanksgiving virtually unscathed (he has a few self-imposed scratches, but that will decrease as he gains more dexterity in the coming months).

His Holiday Marathon started last Sunday (as tradition holds on the paternal branch) at Namp & Nina's. Needless to say, neither Mom nor Dad held Carter for much of the time that we were there...only the occasional feeding and addressing the expected, ahem, wardrobe malfunctions.

Carter got to spend some QT with more of his Dad's side...reading time with Aunts, getting introduced to Cousins, hanging with Uncle Buck.

After a 3 day break, we headed down to Upstate New York (to spend time with Pepé & NaMé) and enjoyed the company of Mom's family. Again, we did not hold Carter that much as Uncles & Great Aunts monoplized "Carter Time" (much to his delight).

He did get to partake in some traditional Thanksgiving eats...his favorite was the squash.

Carter is turning out to be a party animal. If there is some socializing to do, then sleep can wait. This sounds like a solid plan on paper but things didn't quite work out to his liking. Fortunately, he did decide to eventually succumb to the nurturing arms of the Sandman. He also slept in a bit as well...

We hope all of our friends & family had a great Holiday filled with safe travels and warm companionship. As always, we are thinking of each and every one of you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Timing (in regards to diaper changing)

Ideally, one would like to change a diaper after a transaction has occurred.

Occasionally, a subsequent transaction occurs immediately after the application of the fresh diaper.

A rarer incidence is a transaction occurring at the same time as the changing of the diaper.

It is at a time very much like this when one wishes they somewhat resembled the Hindu god Kali, (the wife of Shiva).

I guess I should have heeded the warning signs: a slight reddening of the face, crossing of the eyes, a few low grunts/growls.

It was at this moment that time slowed down. I knew what was about to happen, but felt like I was but a spectator. The transaction started to…well, transact I guess.

I remember thinking, “Wow, how much longer can this go on?”. Amusingly, with my technical background (I’m sure Old School has an opinion on that…) I quickly ran some ratios through my head…estimated length of “transaction” compared to length of subject’s leg…apply ratio to the average length of an adult leg…carry the 2….divide by Π…OH MY GOD!

Luckily the Haz-Mat team was quick to respond (Mom) and we had the situation well under control.

Hopefully, next time we will be better prepared.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just trying to help out

Carter thought he would try and help out in the mornings by feeding himself. Or at least try to:

Oh, and by the way Auntie T, Carter loooooves his parsnip breakfast smoothie!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st Halloween

It was Carter's first Halloween and he decided to go as Rocky the Flying Squirrel. He thought the blue cap and goggles would really bring the outfit together and hopefully make people ignore the hoodie.

Athena wasn't too enthused about her costume, but I explained to her it was a package deal. She agreed to the antlers but not to the white gloves. I guess you gotta pick your battles, eh?

Athena wasn't too keen on some of Aunt Ann's Halloween decorations...

Although he didn't get any candy per se, he had a great time hanging with his buds at Aunt Ann's house.