Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let's go to the videotape!


Carter has quickly learned the best part of the holidays...PIE!

"Really, Nina? I can eat it right out of the tin???"

"You're getting pretty good at this! You'll be ready for the Big Leagues in no time, Namp."

"I'm hanging with the prettiest gal!"

"...and I get to smooch her all the time!"

It's hard to tell if he's eating a piece of pie or playing the harmonica."

"Who wants more pie? I do please!"

"This is my pie dance. I'm feeling the grove. I'm in the zone!"

"This one's pretty big. Can someone spot me?"

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Carter was slightly more aware of Halloween this year than last, although he still hasn't realized that he is allowed (by social customs) to beg for (extort) and consume large amounts of candy.

As with last year, Carter's costume was part of a team, with Athena beign the other "team" member. Athena was relieved to discover that her role in this team was easier to fulfill than the Bullwinkle costume of 2009.

Here is Carter's costume:

Now, I understand that some people had a hard time correctly guessing what his costume was supposed to be. For those people I submit to the correct exhibit B:

If this doesn't bring it all home, here is a picture of Carter & Athena, both in costume/character:

And if this wasn't enough, here is the inspiration for this year's theme:

The best part about Halloween this year was being able to hang with Hannah-Bug.

Here she is with Carter in a duck costume made by her Nana:

Hannah was kind enough to let Carter try her costume on:

Although I think Carter got confused and thought he was a "ham"!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Carter Has An Imaginary Friend...

...or at least an invisible friend.

How do I know?

When he runs he runs like someone is pushing him at the waist from behind...hands up & waving a la "Kermit the Frog", torso tilted and head thrown back.

Its almost as if he's saying (screaming), "Look out! This train's outta control!"

P.S. I love it :D

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Auquatic Mammals & Learning New Words

By the sounds of it, you'd think we gave birth to a dolphin.

Oh, and the jury's still out on what he said right at the end of the video ;-)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All dressed up

A "few" pics were taken of Carter (or Liam...depends on who you ask) were taken during this past weekend's festivities.

Here are "Before" & "After" shots:


"I am a limo-ridin', jet-flyin', good-lookin' son of a gun! Let's PARTY!!!"


"Oh wow, what a night. Um...whose shoe is this???"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Foreshadowing of future Firemans' Field Days to come???

That thing I was talking about the other day...

I mentioned how Carter walks around the house with a toy of Athena's. calling her name, trying to get her to play?

Well, here's some photos of his latest attempt:

"No one wants to play with me..."

Bear with me

The theme at daycare this week is teddy bears, so we were asked to bring in Carter's favorite TB.

The class also made bear "hats" is Carter's.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Carter has been working on expanding his vocabulary lately

This past weekend he managed to say “Good girl” in reference to Athena. He also refers to Athena as “Ner”. We call her Thener (amongst other things) often so this is where that came from.

Speaking of Athena, Carter tries sooo hard to get her to play with him. Last week he followed her around the house with one of her toys, but she succeeded in avoiding him.

This is not because she does not like him though. Any of you who know Athena also know that she has her own “personality” and long with that comes her list of priorities. Sometimes even I don’t fit on that list.

Yesterday, Athena decided that she had an opening in her schedule so she proceeded to repeatedly shove her tug-o-war toy into his face/chest. Carter quickly got upset as his response was not quite as fast as her thrusts & prods (maybe this was Athena’s original intention all along…annoy the little person).

After that dust settled, Carter found her collar hanging near the door. He grabbed it and then walked around the house shaking it and yelling “A!” (which is the other name that he calls her). She remained hidden, but Carter wasn't too upset as the jingling of the collar was entertainment enough.

Other times we think we hear him say sentences, but we assign ourselves to the decision that they were just random sounds that coincidentally accompanied certain events (well, that's the "official" statement...I still believe in what he said).

Our favorite so far is:

“Why’d you do that?”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bouncy Zebra

Carter's current favorite toy at daycare is the bouncy zebra.

It's the first thing he plays with upon arrival and its a joy to watch.

So much in fact that when I saw this at out local store I just had to bring it home for him.

This is his reaction to seeing it for the first time:

He hopped right on and went to town!

All seemed to be okay until he dismounted the zebra at the 00:32 mark.

I guess we should've been clued in when he said "Uh oh".

You can't say he didn't warn us. At least he attempts to pick up after himself.

I think the most amusing part is Mommy's comment and then immediate follow up!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Continuation of Another Tradition...

Carter already loves pizza. Now he loves English muffin pizzas.

I haven't had these in years (actually, close to 3 decades) but I remember Carter's Aunt "helping" me make these once...soooo yummy.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Okay, here goes…

I finally took the time to sit down and write an actual update.

Since we spoke last, Carter celebrated his first birthday (consisting of 2 birthday parties), a bronchial infection and a viral infection (no need to worry, he’s at full power once again!). Through all of this he managed to avoid any ear infections which got to be a monthly occurrence during the winter.

Somewhere in all of this he was able to successfully transition to the pre-toddler room (I like to call it the Big Boy Room). This room has a lot more space for little boys (& girls) to explore & play.

One of Carter’s favorite things about his old room was the foam padded “mountain” (really it was 18” tall foam cube with a ramp on one side and stairs on the other). He loved to scale that thing just to sit on top and giggle. He would actually allow himself tumble down just to add to the adrenaline rush.

The foam mountain in his new room covers almost 4 times the floor space and is twice as high! But he can’t get too consumed with this as there are 2 (count them, 2!) bouncy horses. Just like the ones at McDonald’s but not as “springy”. Then there is the wall o’toys and scooters and balls and and…oh you just gotta see this place!

Even though he’s only been in the room a grand total of 2-1/2 days (due to the latest viral bout) he’s already started work on a sunflower garden and he decorated a t-shirt for Dad for Father’s Day (sniff, sniff). I should’ve suspected something when he came home with paint under his fingernails and on his elbow!

As for Mom & Dad, we’ve had our hands full with house stuff. I was always that guy who said, “Why the heck to I want to own a house? Then I gotta fix stuff and mow the lawn, etc”). Well, now we own a house and we “gotta fix stuff and mow the lawn, etc”…and we love it. Sure its work but it’s our work. From the outside I could never understand why someone would willingly go into a situation like this…now we know.

Well, summer is officially here along with the onset of “shorter” days. Hopefully, we will have pictures and videos of Carter’s first experience in the St. Lawrence River (“intentional” experience, that is...wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

This week at daycare the theme is PJ’s (during the morning) and Sprinklers (the kids will get their beachwear on in the PM and play in & around the sprinklers). I think I want to spend some time at saycare…that kind of schedule sounds fun.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The videos... promised:

Carter loves the sandbox that Aunt Dawn & family got him for his birthday. I'm assuming he love it even more when he realizes that there's stuff to play with on the inside of it too!

Sawing some wood.

Carter invented a new game at school...I think he calls it "Clankity Clank Clank Clank".

Carter loves "playing" the cabinets...his is very musically inclined.

Carter was showing off a magic trick on his first full day in his new room at school.

Someone partied a little too hard. Not sure if you will notice in this clip, but he was twitching pretty good.

Pizza! He looooves his garlic/broccoli za!

Pizza II!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Too long

I know, I's been way too long since I posted last.

Alas, I don't have a "true" update here, but at least I am posting some pictures. These are some of what I found in my phone. Soon, I will try to post some of the video I have on there.

Carter wasn't too fond of the feel of grass on his feet. He's over that now and is looking to conquer the backyard.

Carter's first time in a bouncy-house. He had a ball!

Just got back from a trip to the park...looks like he had too much fun on the slides!

"Where's Daddy???"

"Giddy up!"

Carter's "no-deal" hat.

"Hey, who's that good lookin guy?"

Carter thinks that Namp made him a loft at camp!




"Does anyone smell noodles?"

"Thanks for the cool hat, Unlce Buck!"


"Have a good day at work, Daddy."


"I can't wait for you to make me more food. I gotta take matters in to my own hands!"