Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dalton Smith Schermerhorn

Well, I know its been quite a while since my last post, but life has been "busy" lately.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our new child..Dalton Smith Schermerhorn. He weighed in at a respectable 7 lbs 2 oz and stretched out to 20-1/2".

Compared to his older brother's arrival, this was quite a bit less intense. I must say this has been an entirely different experience altogether.

We were blessed with very good luck and Dalton was able to meet both sets of grandparents (along with an aunt) in his first day.

Within two hours of delivery, he was free to stay with us for as long as we wanted (if you recall, Carter spent over a week in the NICU where we could only have short visits).

Speaking of Carter, we have been silently concerned with how he might "appreciate" another house guest. To this point, we have talked a lot about his baby brother/sister (most of you already know, we did not find out the sex throughout the 9 months and were surprised along with everyone else when he arrived) and watched baby oriented shows, and such.

Carter took this one step further and decided to name the baby himself. So, if you hear Dalton referred to as "Aveo", now you will know why.

While Nichole was in recovery for a couple of hours, I got to hang out with Dalton. Once we got past the formalities (introductions, swapping business cards, etc) I began to snap lots of pictures.

Here are a few of what I took over the span of his first 2 days here on this beautiful world:

"Don't scowl at me, son. It was the nurse who gave you the faux-hawk."

Rocking with Nina.

Sacked out with Namp.

An initial look of concern...

...turned in to genuine interest...


...and then to brotherly love.

"Someone" missed his Mom.

"Now be careful that you support his head, Namé."

The "boys".

Lastly, here is documented evidence of "The Meeting". No punches were thrown, nor cross words.

In fact, I believe a lifetime bond was formed.