Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Foreshadowing of future Firemans' Field Days to come???

That thing I was talking about the other day...

I mentioned how Carter walks around the house with a toy of Athena's. calling her name, trying to get her to play?

Well, here's some photos of his latest attempt:

"No one wants to play with me..."

Bear with me

The theme at daycare this week is teddy bears, so we were asked to bring in Carter's favorite TB.

The class also made bear "hats" is Carter's.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Carter has been working on expanding his vocabulary lately

This past weekend he managed to say “Good girl” in reference to Athena. He also refers to Athena as “Ner”. We call her Thener (amongst other things) often so this is where that came from.

Speaking of Athena, Carter tries sooo hard to get her to play with him. Last week he followed her around the house with one of her toys, but she succeeded in avoiding him.

This is not because she does not like him though. Any of you who know Athena also know that she has her own “personality” and long with that comes her list of priorities. Sometimes even I don’t fit on that list.

Yesterday, Athena decided that she had an opening in her schedule so she proceeded to repeatedly shove her tug-o-war toy into his face/chest. Carter quickly got upset as his response was not quite as fast as her thrusts & prods (maybe this was Athena’s original intention all along…annoy the little person).

After that dust settled, Carter found her collar hanging near the door. He grabbed it and then walked around the house shaking it and yelling “A!” (which is the other name that he calls her). She remained hidden, but Carter wasn't too upset as the jingling of the collar was entertainment enough.

Other times we think we hear him say sentences, but we assign ourselves to the decision that they were just random sounds that coincidentally accompanied certain events (well, that's the "official" statement...I still believe in what he said).

Our favorite so far is:

“Why’d you do that?”

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bouncy Zebra

Carter's current favorite toy at daycare is the bouncy zebra.

It's the first thing he plays with upon arrival and its a joy to watch.

So much in fact that when I saw this at out local store I just had to bring it home for him.

This is his reaction to seeing it for the first time:

He hopped right on and went to town!

All seemed to be okay until he dismounted the zebra at the 00:32 mark.

I guess we should've been clued in when he said "Uh oh".

You can't say he didn't warn us. At least he attempts to pick up after himself.

I think the most amusing part is Mommy's comment and then immediate follow up!