Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Carter was slightly more aware of Halloween this year than last, although he still hasn't realized that he is allowed (by social customs) to beg for (extort) and consume large amounts of candy.

As with last year, Carter's costume was part of a team, with Athena beign the other "team" member. Athena was relieved to discover that her role in this team was easier to fulfill than the Bullwinkle costume of 2009.

Here is Carter's costume:

Now, I understand that some people had a hard time correctly guessing what his costume was supposed to be. For those people I submit to the correct exhibit B:

If this doesn't bring it all home, here is a picture of Carter & Athena, both in costume/character:

And if this wasn't enough, here is the inspiration for this year's theme:

The best part about Halloween this year was being able to hang with Hannah-Bug.

Here she is with Carter in a duck costume made by her Nana:

Hannah was kind enough to let Carter try her costume on:

Although I think Carter got confused and thought he was a "ham"!

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  1. great costume idea for Carter!!!!! But, I have to say, Hannah was an adorable duck! Carter is definitely the ham of the 2 of them!