Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Good Little Sleeper

Carter's a pretty good sleeper for the most part.

Ever since he's learned to pull himself up (which he now does at any given opportunity) he has decided to do this in his crib. We have a video monitor in his room so we can quickly check in on him without disturbing his slumber.

Lately, his routine has been the following:

- we lay him down, usually on his back
- he quickly rolls over
- from this position he scootches up his legs and props himself into a sitting position
- he grabs on the slats of his crib and pulls himself up into a standing position
- he proceeds to cry (wail, really but let's not split hairs here)

We can easily hear him so we turn the monitor on and watch him for a few minutes. Occasionally, we realize that a nap is not in anyone's near future so we bring him back downstairs for some cuddling. Other times we ride out the storm and let him tire himself out.

So, whe gets tired enough, we lets go of the slats and plops down onto the matress and falls asleep within minutes.

Today this is how he fell asleep:

This is how much he has moved after about an hour:

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  1. Carter, after looking at your contorted positions, sleeping like a baby lends itself to a whole new connotation. Happy Easter