Friday, March 12, 2010

We've been trying to transition Carter from soft, "mushy" foods to foods with a little more geometrical stability as of late.

The transition is slow.

To help stimulate his interest in eating more solid foods, we've decided to bump up our dinner time to coincide with his. This may prove to be the positive stimuli that he needs...or it could backfire dramatically (the latter might be the choice of those who have had the pleasure of dining with us).

Carter does show a great interest in operating his own spoon as can be seen here:

This last picture only needs this caption: "Boy-yo-yo-yo-yoing!!!"

Another positive note is The Puffs.

A little over a year ago, a dear friend referred to this product as "Baby Crack". For some reason, this description did not hold any meaning until about 2 weeks ago...when our son started to show a slight dependency on this substance.

All kidding aside, these are helping a great deal in getting Carter used to more substantial food stuffs.

The following video may shed some light on just how much Carter enjoys his Puffs:


  1. Haha! Love the commentary in the back Uncle Clay- Carter's getting so big!

  2. "Baby Crack" is a fair description for The Puffs. In our household another good description would be "Jamie Crack." She can't get enough of the sweet potato flavor.