Monday, February 15, 2010


Carter is getting more & more active in his crib.

At first (months ago) we would place him on his back and he would stay in the same position all night.

Then, after a few months, he began to spin (typically clockwise).

Once he was able to roll over, we would find him wedged in a corner as he would usually roll only to one direction.

Lately he has been posturing up onto his elbows & knees and skootching around the crib.

Just this past weekend, he had managed to maneuver himself to a sitting position, which prompted us to lower the mattress as much as possible (I had a dream before he was born that we would have a boy & he catapulted himself out of the crib...half of that dream has come far).

Well, during on of his stints in the crib, he must have worn himself out getting into this position as this is how we found him:


  1. I love pose in those photos; in my opinion Carter's form for a triple front flip is up to par with most olympic high divers.

  2. Forward Carter. A popular yoga postion for infants

  3. I'll have to start recording the video fom the monitor in his room. I would've loved to see how he got into this position. Was it a gradual lowering of the head? Or was it play, play, play, BOOM, sleep?

  4. My vote is the play, play, play, BOOM, sleep once he realized no one was watching him. Similar to my kitten- with no audience, the only thing left to do is fall asleep:)

  5. Precious, nothing short of precious