Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Super Powers!

In a precursor to what I can only assume to be many diabolical collaborations to come, Carter & Liam got the chance to meet up last weekend and raise some havoc.

Actually, it was a fairly calm day (despite the chin bop on the book shelf).

After the initial shyness, the dynamic duo attacked the legendary foe of many a young'uns from our family...the evil bookshelf.

Only a young child is aware that the evil bookshelf derives all of its evil powers from the amount of books that it stores (somewhat similar to the mighty Samson). Our heroes quickly cornered the bookshelf and quickly began to dismantle its weapons of mass distraction.

After they prevailed in battle, the two decided to execute a victory dance, but they couldn;t decide who who lead.


  1. Diabolical collaboration?? What devilish little imps they are.

  2. Carter: Liam, its step, turn, then, step, step.

    Liam: I thought it was step, step, turn, then step.

    Carter: Come on get it together, we have a show in 3 weeks.

    Liam: Alight, from the top!