Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Budding Artist

About a month ago, as I was picking Carter up from day care after work, Miss Kathy showed me some of the artwork that the kids had worked on that day. The day care providers erected a huge tree out of construction paper. The tree's limbs displayed it's fruit...plums. (Well, I assumed they were plums. I didn't want to ask and be corrected in front of the kids.)

When I lookd closer I saw that every plum had one of the children's names on it and when I looked even closer I could see that each child painted their own plum. Also, surrounding the tree were pictures of the children as they were painting.

I had almost forgotten about this until last week when I noticed that Carter's "parent information pocket" on the classroom door was stuffed. When I took out the contents, I found (to my pleasure), Carter's plum and pictures. I was so proud!

These will soon be framed and on semi-permenant display at the soon-to-be-open "CHS Art Studio". I anticipate more works of art soon.

Who knows, if the body of work grows considerably we may need to seek out a curator (hint, hint, Aunt Jules).


  1. We tried finger painting WAAAYYYY to early. Not too easy to unclench a baby's fist when it's covered in wet paint.

  2. Or when he has fist-full of chest hair...yee-ow!