Thursday, September 17, 2009


As I was putting Carter to bed the other night, I started realizing just how much he’s changed in the short time since he has arrived.

I recall how we got up every hour and a half to feed & change him. Now the little guy is sleeping through the night.

It used to be that he was in the same exact position when he woke up as when he went to sleep. Now, by morning, he has totally spun around to face the opposite direction (I still question Nichole if she does this throughout the night, but she denies it).

When I bottle fed him I had to do it in ½ ounce increments as his little mouth and belly couldn’t hold that much. Now he polishes of 6-8 ounces in the bat of an eye and asks for more. He’s also started eating rice cereal, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s experiencing Dad’s cooking!

Speaking of eating, he is now practically holding his own bottle. Well, almost…he is constantly reaching up and swatting the bottle with his hands and holds them there for longer and longer lengths of time. I think it’s cute when he does it as I’m feeding him, but Nichole doesn’t find it to amusing when she has him. Actually, when he does this trick with her he reminds me of a young Sugar Ray Leonard working the speed bag in the gym!

It wasn’t long ago when all we would 9or could) dress him in was “premie” onesies and he would swim in them as well. Now he’s wearing t-shirts adorned with dogs and jeans or cover-alls. I’m even tempted to cut out the toes in his favorite jammies as they are suddenly too short.

He used to “only” speak to me with his huge beautiful eyes and was less verbose than Harpo Marx. Now he’s gurgling and laughing more and more. He gets most of my jokes and I get all of his (we obviously share the same sense of humor).

I know this is nothing novel or anything that hasn’t happened to anyone else, but it is amazing and scary at the same time how fast our little one can grow and change.

It makes me never want to take my eyes off of him.

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  1. Have you become as good as measuring in ounces as I have? This would be a great "Parent Olympics" event.