Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodnight Fishies...Good Morning Fishies

Before Carter was born, a friend lent us a couple of mobiles that she had in her children's room. One is a butterfly mobile and the other has fish.

Carter's favorite is the 'Fishie' mobile.

Everynight, as Carter lays down for bed, he must say 'Goodnight' to his fishies. Likewise, the next day, he must say 'Goodmorning' to his fishies.

It seems like he could spend hours just entranced by them. He reaches out for them, but based upon the strength of the grip he displays when he grabs a handful of chesthair or even our cheeks/noses, we keep the fishies just out of reach (at least until baby Kal-El can control his own strength).


  1. Give Carter a fish and he'll break the mobile. Show him the fish and he'll have music and sweet dreams.

  2. I sense a fishing partner in the making!