Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Carter's favorite color is orange (apparently)

I found this out by process of elimination.

I sent broccoli to daycare for him to eat a couple of weeks ago. When I called to see how he was doing, they told me that he "did not really care for broccoli". It seems that he coughed & gagged when they tried to feed it to him and he threw quite the fit.

Well this pales in comparison to what will be referred to as the Great Pea Fiasco of '10.

I called at lunch time to see how he took them...not so well as it turns out.

This time, he coughed & gagged but took his fit throwing skills to the next level. Fortunately, those at the daycare who were within the bursting radius took it in stride and were somewhat amused with Carter's theatrics.

So, by process of elimination, we have determined based on the lack of "issues" that he does in fact like the squash, sweet potatoes and carrots that we have sent.

Therefore his favorite color is orange.


  1. Carter if you see a number 4 when you eat carrots and hear Brahm's lullaby you might be synesthetic. Maybe if you try some yellow vegetables and than some blue ones you could gradually get to green. Or it could be something totally different, jolly giant phobia.

  2. Next up: yellow squash & blue potatoes.

    Or: bananas & blue berries.

  3. Nice pictures - now we need some of the house after the next snow storm. Carter sometimes Mommies put orange frosting on cookies around Haloween. You'll want to make an exception and try that orange food.