Monday, June 15, 2009

(The Last) Baby Shower

Well, this past weekend marked the clsoe of our Baby Shower season.

I had been working with Ann (unbeknownst to Nichole) to arrange a NNY baby shower. Planning was going fine and we were shooting for a late May weekend to surprise Nichole with, but she & Carter decided to "alter" those plans.

After the dust settled we finally decided on a date and threw the "surprise" element out of the window (just in case Nichole had anything else up her sleeves).

Despite the forcast of possible thundershowers, the day could not have turned out any better.

Once again we were blessed with many wonderful and thoughtful gifts from our friends and family.

Looks like our little man partied a little too hard!

Thank you to everyone who came and thank you, thank you, thank you to Ann & John for being the ever-wonderful hosts!

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