Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know, I know…

... it’s been a while since I’ve posted.

My excuses are lame, but I’m sticking with them. Work’s been “hectic” to say the least and Carter is really pushing for his new 1-hour “I’m bored, let’s hang out” cycles. I don’t mind those during the day, but it’s the 1, 2, 3, 4 o’clock time slots that are challenging.

Last Friday my work was so generous to throw a baby shower for us. Carter got to meet a lot of my coworkers and was constantly “oohed” and “aahed” over by many of the lady’s. Off to the side, I whispered to Carter, “Now you know what Daddy’s days are like.”

After this we headed south to Upstate New York so Carter could meet the rest of his family.

Up until this point, we had consistently made this trip in just over 3 hours. We always challenged ourselves to find new ways to trim an extra minute or two with every trip. Needless to say, this trip set us back…waaaay back.

We knew, but didn’t quite fully grasp the quantitative effect of what we now refer to as “The Carter Factor”.

The great thing about the little guy is that he loves to communicate with us. He gladly alerts us of when he is hungry, when he needs a change, or when he just wants to be held. And we are just as glad to accommodate him. We have a wonderful working relationship in this aspect.

And, just as with almost any working relationship, lead time is a hot topic. The supplier (us) wants a longer lead time where as the customer (Carter) wants a shorter…MUCH shorter lead time.

The time between when he signals for a meal, change of clothes, or cuddle time can only be measured with what I can only assume to be as-of-yet to be discovered “negative” time unit.

The nations’ top scientists are working on this as we speak. Until then, we are trying to hone our perception skills to predict when a “signal” may be given.

So, after applying “The Carter Factor” to our previous travel time of 3 hours, our new challenge is to make the trip in under 5 hours.

We stayed at Casa de Bissonette so naturally Nichole’s parents, Pepé & Sunamé, were there. Uncle Jay made the trip in from NYC and Aunt Meme visited as well.

This gave Nichole a well earned break, as Carter was rarely out of someone’s arms. He ate all of this right up and was a constant source of entertainment. Pretty impressive for someone who can’t walk yet and sleeps half of the day.

We did find out that he does travel well. The slight rocking motion that the vehicle provides has the tendency to put him to sleep. The same can be said for Nichole.

Our little guy has experienced quite the action-packed first 4 weeks. His fan club is growing at an exponential rate and with every stop we make he adds to his wardrobe.

Oh, and here are a few pics from the weekend:

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