Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Settling In

The 2nd full day in our new house was quite an improvement over the 1st. Nichole & I still enjoy it as much as ever but the kids are really warming up to it.

Carter is back to his normal 10-ish hours of sleep & he's getting to play with more of his toys now that we have the room.

Speaking of room, Athena's attitude has shifted 180 degrees. At first she didn't want to go out alone (if at all...she is really testing the limits of her bladder) but now she'll spend upwards of an hour out all by herself. It's almost as if something clicked in her head, "You mean to tell me that this is MY yard? And I can go out whenever I want? Well, why didn't you day so???"

If she thinks she likes it now, she'll love it in the spring when we put the fence up so she can roam from corner to corner of the...HER yard.

As far as us, the kitchen is almost complete (a man's gotta eat!) and the living room is not too far behind. Next up will be the playroom and garage...yippee!
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